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About us

Welcome to Dentistry Dentamed! Hello, dear visitors!
We are happy to greet you on our website! Saying hello, we use it, not only in the formal way, the customary greeting, but in the original, forgotten in recent times, we wish you health! Be healthy, because health is the most valuable thing a person can have. If you visit our site, you may be one way or another concerned with your health problems. We again welcome you and offer to become better acquainted. .

Today Dentamed clinic provides a wide range of services in all areas of dentistry: therapy, surgery, implantology, prosthodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, children's dentistry, and X-ray diagnostics.

Dental clinic Dentamed is:
• professional team of physicians, administrators, assistants
• scientific and personal approach to diagnosis and treatment plan for each patient
• modern equipment, materials, new technologies
• opportunity to get professional help

Particular emphasis is placed on the quality of treatment and patient satisfaction as a process and the result obtained. It is very important, because only this approach provides a constant love of patients. We offer consistent quality at optimal prices, which is provided by highly qualified personnel and the latest technology and sincere attitude towards patients. Our patients are our friends. Website created especially for you, we'll tell you in plain language about modern dentistry. Read, ask questions, and come to us! We are always happy to help you!


Introduction to the implantation

X-ray diagnosis in dentistry

Preventive dentistry

Many parents find it necessary to show their children to dentist only when there are complaints. It is needed to show the child to a doctor when the child is 1 - 1.5 years old, because caries can develop even in these young patients. Furthermore, you should visit to the dentist one time in 4-5 months repeatedly. Our dentist will answer all your questions before you begin treatment of teeth in your...


Orthopedic dentistry

Dental laboratory

Dr. Safarali Vazirov
chief physician, dentist
Dr. Farid Mammadzada
Dr. Nigar Babakhanli
Dental photography
New method at DENTAMED! This method gives opportunity to forecast treatment process and show the final results.
New insurance partners
DENTAMED now cooperates with 5 insurance companies - PAŞA sığorta, BUTA sığorta, Azərbaycan Sənayə Sığorta, Başak İnam Sığorta and Mediline Group Assistance


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Tel.: +994 12 464 75 16